Figment is an indie game studio.

We’re a band of good-looking misfits who joined forces to make the best video game experiences ever.

We incredibly enjoy playing video games and spend endless nights daydreaming of unspeakable things.

We always find ourselves trapped in a parallel universe where we play with the unthinkable inside our minds.

We believe that you’ll definitely enjoy the games we make, we’re never boring after all.

What we’ve been working on

Warstache is a multiplayer competitive “Brawl ‘N Gun” fighting game set in the 1800s.

Vote now and make your forefathers proud!

Team Figment

Dominic Cabrera

Co-Founder, CEO/CFO, Game Director

Matte Whyte (Matt Valeriano)

Co-founder, COO/CTO, Game Director

Matt Dorosan

2D Artist, Social Media Manager

Jomark Gobres


Theodore Mendoza

3D Artist

Christopher Esguerra

Art Director

Repeating Collaborators

Design For Tomorrow

Identity Design

Christopher Ng

Web Support

Ehiacinth Miranda


Roy Sison

Musical Scorer

David Llarena